Tibetan Masstiff is our passion

About Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs descended 58,000 years ago from the Gray Wolf. They are a breed that you can have in your home that is one of the closest relatives to the Grey Wolf genetically. A purebred Tibetan Mastiff of good breeding will still exhibit the loyalty, dedication to family, as well as strength and instincts of the Wolf but are a companion to you. Although you can not own a wolf, you can have this purebred that is as close as you can get with you every day. More

If you want One we help to find best matching

As every person is different in something, it is the same with this type of dogs. All of them has its own character. There are less and more active, some of them are better guardian than others, most are brave and some could get stressed in diferrent situations. There are TMs who live only for their fammily and others you can take between unknow. It is easy to teache and form a tibetan mastiff because of their brain which drinks information like a sponge. It is allways important for us to know needs and liftstyle of new owners of the puppies breeded by us. More

Why choose a puppy from our kennel

We live in symbiosis with our dogs. Because dogs are family members from us, because we live our daily life together with them, They are full featured and can harmoniously participate and live new experiences together with us. Our children play with our dogs or in the same play area. They are in daily close contact with relatives, friends, and when strangers are coming and going. Due to above, our dogs are family and children centered, and they are well informed from the surrounding of the world. We can satisfy needs of our clients because we know perfectly the quality and character all of our dogs. So we can provide our fututre customers with personalized purebred Tibetan Mastiff puppies. More



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